January, 2018: 

An individual having a problem with signs requested that the Dumpster Signs page be restored.  (I am not sure why it was taken down by the previous owner). 

January, 2017:

Members are being told that the Beaver Ridge maintenance staff plows the entrance road "half the time," contradicting what is said on the 'Community' page about other HOAs being forced to bear the cost. 

This is flatly untrue.  There is documentation showing that the board has declined to pay bills for plowing, electricity and repairs that amount to about $20 per unit each year.  A party other than Beaver Ridge plows the road.

Not only is the article factually correct, but it appears that HOA members will be funding an entrance road that impacts building 100.  The overall assessment could be as high as $2000 per unit (about 100 times the current cost) and higher fees will be required to support the sole burden of future maintenance.


January, 2016: 

In December, a member brought up two objections that were specific to the 'Crime' page.  First, that the tone suggested Beaver Ridge is a cesspool of crime.  Second, the contention that assault and battery is one of those crimes.

After looking into this, I felt that the site creator had overstated the "frequency" of police cars at the complex.  As such, I changed the word to "occasional." 

Assault and battery at Beaver Ridge is a matter of public record.  To my knowledge, the most recent charges were brought less than a year ago.  That particular incident included "two counts of assault on an officer."  Details can be found here.