What's Up With the Dumpster Signs?


Yes, three signs really are three times as effective…
assuming the intent is to warn potential investors
that this is an association run by an angry child.

Anyone not from Beaver Ridge who wanders up to the dumpster is probably bemused by the angry red signs purportedly posted to ward off degenerates from an adjacent HOA. They are more likely to ward off potential buyers, which is why a majority of owners do not want them there.

Condominiums are a risky investment even in the best of circumstances. If you’re trying to unload yours at an association reputed to be under the thumb of a control freak with anger management issues, the last thing you probably want are signs on your own property that effectively advertise this.

A letter from a member of the Northpoint association explains the real story behind the childish and redundant signs, and why they are there more for Beaver Ridge owners than anyone else:

Letter regarding dumpster signs

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