Safety and Security Issues: 


It's like he was stalking my wife... waiting for her to make a mistake.
Former Guest, speaking of an encounter
 with the association president at the dumpster

[January 2016: This page has been modified slightly.  See Corrections for details]

Police cars are occasionally spotted at Beaver Ridge in response to allegations of criminal activity.  Battery and assault has been reported, even against responding officers.  Security warnings concerning guest safety are distributed to members and to law enforcement. 

The closure of common facilities is hotly debated by the board, which insists that there is a credible fear of criminal retaliation due to antipathy created by the president.  While board members appear to relish the high drama, it comes at the expense of those trying to sell or rent their units.  Critics note that other vacation communities do not have these controversies and that they are not necessary at Beaver Ridge, where board members contrive issues that severely impact investors and even deride the victims. 

Thus far, the president has managed to provoke physical confrontations and intimidate others into protective action.  A non-owner who is accused of harboring malicious intent says that he openly carries a firearm – which is not prohibited under the bylaws.  Shots have not been fired inside the community, but some members of the board have said that there is a tangible threat to guest safety. 

One theory among owners is that the president is trying to incite a prosecutable offense (such as arson) in order to play the hero, as he currently does with other manufactured situations.  Some say that their biggest concern is this man's  temper, particularly since he has threatened children.  Even county authorities have said they anticipate a felony event at Beaver Ridge in the near future.

Confidence seems to be waning in both the moral maturity of those in charge and their commitment to make the association peaceful and safe. 

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