Quality of Experience: 

Community Reputation

It's kind of cute how seriously [Beaver Ridge board
members] take themselves, but if you play their game
a while, you realize... these are not sincere people.

The character of key board members does not appear to be highly regarded in Canaan Valley, nor do their actions on behalf of Beaver Ridge project a community with class.  For instance, the association goes well out of its way to provoke neighbors while refusing to pay for snow plowing and maintenance on a shared road, knowing that the necessary expense will be picked up by others. 

According to a neighbor, one target of “vindictive harassment” by the association is actually the very person responsible for seeing that the road used by its members is plowed: 

"Not only do they not pay for what they use year after year, but they go out of their way to harass the people who do pay the bills on their behalf.  Then they complain about not being respected." *

There are local contractors and at least one utility company which have declined to do business with Beaver Ridge because of “the adolescent in charge.”  Working class individuals from the area have been taken advantage of by the association's leadership with astonishing disregard for their financial status.

The Beaver Ridge board has a reputation for acting unreasonably and creating conflicts with adjacent HOAs over unnecessary issues.  Neighbors allege that these are perpetuated by the president for the purpose of demagoguery.

Although o
rdinary members of the association receive a filtered version of events from the board, recent efforts by some are prompting a growing awareness that board members may not have the maturity necessary for reaching settlements or resolving disputes in the interest of all parties as true leaders do.

Next Issue: "Not Senior-Friendly"


* Neighbors may disagree, but insiders maintain that it simply isn't fair to assume all Beaver Ridge owners share the personal values of board members.  See Entrance Sign for an example.