Safety and Security: 

Alleged Stalking

We would get calls from neighbors telling us that he was spotted in the woods outside our windows. In time we also noticed him watching us.  Eventually he became more brazen and would come up to the house.
Letter from a Neighbor, August 20

The Board certainly hopes that no owner will give credence to defamatory characterizations. No Board member has any interest in traipsing
around outside
[this neighbor's] house or looking in his windows...
As to the photo of
[the board member] that was included with the letter, it should be noted that it was taken with a telephoto lens. [He] was more than
100 feet from the shared property line
. Hence the need for a telephoto lens.
Letter from the Board, September 17th


Another e-mail has been received which threatens legal action over this article in particular.  As such, it bears mentioning that no identities were revealed with regard to “stalking.” Also, there were no details posted, since the board denies all accusations.

However, per the board's request, this article has been removed.


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