Safety and Security: 

Pool Problems

I told him to stay away from my family. 
He came back with a camera.

According to the board, there is an alleged “threat” to pool safety and security. Certain members insist that there is a plot to dump a substance such as muriatic acid into the water. Keeping the pool open is a source of controversy. All owners and guests are urged in official communication to be “on guard” for dangerous items or persons.

[Note: Some think the board is being overly dramatic, although another owner did say that they make people mad enough to "put something in the water"].

An unrelated incident at the pool involved children and a man of about 60 wearing a cap and glasses. Although the episode angered parents, the same person is still sighted quite often near the pool area.

The individual in question is not a parent and may not understand what is inappropriate with children.  However, one of the more vocal residents at a nearby subdivision disagrees as to the innocence of the behavior:

“If a guy takes pictures or follows children to see where they live then I guess he can say ‘Oh, is that wrong? I didn’t know because I don’t have kids [of my own]’. But when you specifically tell someone to stay away from your family and he keeps coming back, then he's not naive. There’s something wrong with him".

This parent says that the offender is often seen “watching”, although he does not believe that it is what it seems:

"Cap and Glasses Man" watching a
family with kids (submitted photo).
Another picture can be found here

"He'll creep up and stare into [a child's] bedroom like a pervert, but I think it's just to scare us. He's not a very mature person, but I doubt he's interested in kids. I've never seen him expose himself or anything... just the creepy staring."

An incident in 2014 was described as “borderline,” but the child’s mother was told that charges could not be brought since no physical contact had occurred. Parents are advised to accompany children to the Beaver Ridge pool or to consider the amenities at Canaan Valley Resort. Keep in mind that a normal adult will not approach children he does not know, unless it is an emergency.

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