Quality of Experience: 

"Not Senior-Friendly"

Victims of harassment at Beaver Ridge include a curious number of people over the age of 60 – with some being much older.  A few of these are owners who no longer enjoy visiting their units as they had expected at the time of purchase.  Others are from outside the community (i.e. guests or neighbors). 

Some critics allege that the president targets those he envies: people who have enjoyed their career, have loving family members and a network of friends.  Others note that he picks those who are susceptible.  His targets include a woman who lost her husband to cancer, a stroke victim, and a man who takes care of his sick wife.  Some of the tactics are particularly senseless and cruel. 

Next Issue: Adult Bullying


[Update 2-1-2014 - When this site began, we resolved to post only those issues which board members were electing not to resolve.  We also determined to remove content if it were no longer applicable.

Last year we posted the story of an older couple who had good reason to greatly regret their decision to invest in Beaver Ridge.  Last week, we were told that the board intends to restore his property value.  The friend who asked us to post his story has asked that it be taken down.]