Quality of Experience: 

Adult Bully

They can get away with it for years because people do not want to believe they are being exploited and so they tend to make up excuses for and put up with the bully. Sometimes it is out of genuine ignorance, and sometimes it is denial. Bullies exploit this vulnerability, with convincing explanations and by manipulating people's perceptions, to remain in a position where they are free to continue without any real prospect of being held accountable for their actions.
Tim Field

Scott is the most convincing liar that I have never known because he does it so
sincerely and passionately that you think he must believe what he's saying. 
He's not embarrassed in the slightest when caught either... 
He talks in a circle to confuse you and make you think you don't understand.

It would be remiss not to mention that what makes Beaver Ridge most different from other associations is the intensely polarizing personality of its long‑time president and the extent to which he controls nearly every aspect of community life.  While some applaud his strict oversight and "zero-tolerance" enforcement, others feel that he is a serious liability for a complex trying to bill itself as a "vacation resort".

Critics accuse the president of being petty and power-hungry.  There seems to be a personal need to dominate and "win at all costs."  Owners who are non-submissive or perceived as a threat to his control have had their property value and quality of experience creatively destroyed, sometimes even against the wishes of other board members.  Guests and other targets of convenience report verbal aggression and abuse, including neighbors who have notified the association of intimidation and aberrant behavior.

At the same time, the president is careful to disguise his true intentions with rationalization and misinformation.  He switches topics quickly, is evasive and easily annoyed when challenged.  He sometimes makes up regulations that do not exist.  At other times, he defends his mistreatment of others by rigidly appealing to rules that are neither relevant nor efficient.  It is said that he divides and manipulates the association by means of very clever deception and strict control of communication.

The president is also accused of exaggerating his role in the community.  He creates situations that are unnecessary in order to paint himself as a hero, and makes a constant show of service to the dozen or so owners whom he knows will reciprocate by keeping him in power.  He uses flattery and pity to play on the altruistic nature of those too afraid to stand on principle about matters that they know are not quite right.

At the very least, these characteristics fit the profile of a serial bully, which hinders the marketability of Beaver Ridge. 

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