Quality of Experience: 

Privacy and "Ownership"

He knows what he’s doing but he acts naïve. Like he’ll come into
your place because he knows it bothers you, but he’ll pretend
that it’s just a fire alarm inspection. The
[other owners] will nod and
say “yeah, we have to have fire inspections… nothing wrong there”
and he's literally laughing at you behind their backs.

There is no owner's bill of rights at Beaver Ridge, and thus nothing that prevents the president from entering any unit at any time without the owner's knowledge or permission and then levying fines for anything out of place.  The president retains both the right and the ability to enter each unit.

Over-zealous and unscheduled entry into units encroaches on privacy and personal space and has been a source of complaint.  The word "stalking" has been openly associated with the president's behavior.  One victim says that he seems to go "out of his way to make you feel violated."  Some items from units are thought to have gone missing. 

In an online complaint, a current owner stated: "I never thought I would find myself installing a security camera in my own living room."

Most owners are reluctant to go public.  As a sympathetic neighbor said in a 2013 letter:

As much as [the Beaver Ridge president] disregards our right to be left alone, it could be worse.  We’re able to opt out of his power games, for the most part.  He can’t fine us, slap a lien on us, change the rules at will or spoil our vacation as he can for those at [Beaver Ridge].  Neither does he have the key to our door, so if we don't like him peering in our windows, we just lower the blinds without having to worry about him invading our living space in the guise of an 'inspection'.

Some guests have complained about being "cussed out" by the president of the HOA.   At least one complained about being followed with a camera.  Another spoke of an incident at the dumpster involving his wife and a "very angry man" who turned out to be the president.   Needless to say, they will not be returning.

At best, ownership at Beaver Ridge can be compared to a very expensive timeshare.  At worst, say the critics, you are opening your life to a man who may try his best to ruin it.

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