Cost of Ownership: 

Maintenance and Image Issues

Beaver Ridge is showing its age. There is deterioration, rotting wood and a decaying infrastructure that periodically requires expensive repairs (i.e. "special assessments"), including private water line ruptures that run into the five figures and shut down service for extended periods.  

With the exception of raw emergencies, the board seems to have other priorities.  Over the last several years, tens of thousands of dollars are thought to have been spent suing owners and successfully antagonizing neighbors with no tangible return.  While the association struggles to pay for unfinished maintenance projects, current leadership has needlessly estranged each of the four surrounding communities, with lost revenue estimated to be between $10,000 and $25,000 each year.  Most of this will never be restored.

Since the board controls communication and actively misleads members, few ever learn that their fees are wasted instead on sophomoric crusades that are of no consequence to the association.  In 2012, it came to light that budgetary funds had been siphoned for years into a paranoid campaign against neighbors over a few square inches of extremely remote property.  While thousands of dollars were lavished on lawyers, multiple surveys and fencing to reclaim something that owners and guests will never see, far more visible issues were completely neglected.

The problem, as one resident puts it, is that "Beaver Ridge is all about one person" - and that person doesn't have to worry about selling his own unit, nor does he seem particularly concerned about those who do.

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