Cost of Ownership: 


Fines are imposed arbitrarily by the president.  Some owners may find themselves having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on "violations" that others do not, depending on how the president feels about them (or their tenants).  Certain owners have even been fined for something done by someone else, thus having to pay money they probably wouldn’t owe elsewhere.

Since they cost more to challenge in court, fines are always collected (along with "interest").  Until the money is paid, the owner’s participation in the association is denied, thus mitigating opposition to the president's personal agenda.

While he always justifies his actions, forcing others to pay has been described as a way of humiliating certain owners and establishing the pecking order.  Some victims have said that it is like a big kid forcing the others to hand over their lunch money.  Since it is an open secret that the board is in the president's pocket, there is nothing they can do about it.

While the president appears to relish his personal power, ordinary owners have actually been brought to tears by the injustice and financial loss.

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