Cost of Ownership: 

Association Fees

Base association fees for one and two bedroom units are approximately $2400 and $3600 a year respectively.  This does not include taxes, assessments, utilities and additional fees imposed by the board which significantly raise the true cost of ownership.  

The Beaver Ridge base fee per bedroom may be the highest in the county, and new owners are somewhat surprised to find that it does not cover necessary maintenance.  Reasons include the alienation of neighboring communities that previously shared costs and the mandatory subsidizing of non-essential utilities and amenities that primarily benefit the handful of year-round residents (which happens to include the current president). 

It should be mentioned that there are fiduciary concerns based on a history of wasteful spending and less-than-truthful communication from the board.

Next Issue:
Special Assessments



[Update 8-31-13: Unlike the many other issues at Beaver Ridge, a substantial improvement in association fees would not necessarily follow from a change in leadership.  Moreover, many owners disagree that this is even an issue.  They point out that base fees have not risen in the last three years (even if other expenses have).  They also note that less than 25% of the budget is devoted to non-essentials.

However, if spending and reporting are effectively controlled by the same party, and if this party has a record of dishonest or strategic communication, then there is reason to believe that general members may not be receiving an accurate picture of the association's expenditures.]